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after-sales service

equipment warranty terms:

prudential billion automation technology co., ltd. of shenzhen city, strictly follow the customer first, service first noble business purposes, would like to thank the majority of customer commitment using prudential billion devices: to provide customers with one year free service and lifelong maintenance equipment to the plant on services.

the specific details are as follows:

, delivery, installation

a supply-side service personnel should ensure that the cargo at the time of delivery, location timely and safely sent to the demand side.

2, the demand side should provide 1-2 staff members responsible for contact.

3, the two sides personnel contracts and shipping list are complete inventory of equipment and equipment damage, after confirmation by the demand side personnel sign the delivery note.

4, the supply-side service personnel should be brought forward to the demand-side personnel to install the equipment required for gas, electricity and exhaust specifications, so that demand-side equipment to the former gas, electricity and exhaust systems ready.

5, the demand side should be the supply-side service personnel to provide accurate equipment installation location, so that positioning equipment.

second, equipment commissioning

a supply-side service personnel notify the demand side, in front of the debugging equipment, related materials should be prepared to debug the machine required, such as: pcb \ the lcd \ the fpc \ the ic.

2, the demand side should supply-side service personnel requirements specific and reasonable process parameters such as temperature curve, the defect rate, so that the supply-side services targeted debugging equipment.

, equipment, training

a training

① equipment operation and routine maintenance, maintenance methods.

② process parameter settings, the mastery of the process.

(3) the equipment works, electrical works.

2, the training goal: to make the demand side, the technical staff with the independent operation of equipment and maintenance capacity.

3, training and place: the demand side, the factory or supplier factories

4, the training time: equipment installation and commissioning, the demand side, the organization trained personnel receive the training of technical personnel of the supplier.

fourth, the acceptance

demand-side acceptance of the equipment purchased under the contract or related agreement class.

acceptance criteria:

1, the two sides agreed upon an inspection period for the installation and commissioning within 10 days. if you have any questions, demand-side shall be in writing, notify the supply side and demand side of supply-side had not received notice, as the subject matter of quantity or quality to meet the standards.

2, inspection standards and methods: in accordance with the provisions of the supply-side manufacturers factory certificate.

and maintenance

a supplier to provide 24 hours service.

2, includes one year of free service and machines to the factory after the installation, commissioning and personnel training.

3, warranty period, the failure to meet the warranty conditions are available free of charge to provide maintenance.


4, after the warranty period the supplier charges a service fee plus the parts cost of a composition can provide the service after the warranty period.

5, the supply-side on a regular basis to demand-side at the tour or telephone interviews to understand the demand side of the device usage.

the following non-warranty coverage:

damage resulting from incorrect operation of

(1) demand-side.

② in the replacement or modification of equipment without the prior permission of the supply-side.

③ the use of non-supplier who supplier of the product replacement parts.

damage the

④ external forces, fires, earthquakes, and other accidents.

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