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intel will set up in shanghai semiconductor packaging technology

source:  browse:4688  time: 2015-12-24

following the success of the shanghai high-end packaging and testing industry products - intel pentium four microprocessors, intel products shanghai co., ltd., general manager sunzong ming said recently: shanghai is very suitable for an international semiconductor, electronic integrated circuits manufacturing and r & d center. after the test of sars, the development of intel's confidence in china, the factory in shanghai set up a technology development center in future semiconductor packaging and testing technologies.

may 15 this year, intel in shanghai officially assume the chip cutting, packaging, testing and packaging series of work, to the world supply of pentium d processors, intel shanghai became the world's four packaging and testing centers . sunzong ming stressed: although pentium d processor is intel's wafer fab in a foreign country, but as an important after-ic products production processes, packaging and testing technology content is also very high, demonstrating the shanghai plant technical strength. especially from the preparation to take over the delivery of the first batch of products in less than a year, even during the sars impact still on schedule to begin production, impressive and convincing. it is reported that intel is usually in accordance with the final assembly and test site as a processor of origin.

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